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The Exclusive Customer Loyalty Program for new and existing customers brought to you by Standox

For both new and existing customers, membership of Color for Life is absolutely free! Simply complete a registration form on-line and the benefits that this exciting new initiative has to offer your refinishing business, will be yours.

The key objective of this program is to collate and package all the existing valued-added refinishing business tools and benefits that Standox has to offer - as well as those yet to be launched - under the Color for Life umbrella.

For customers new to the Standox brand, here is an outline of what the benefits of membership of Color for Life entail:

Consulting TOOLS

Available exclusively to Color for Life members...

Standox body shop customers have access to the latest Body Shop Guideline Manual.

Researched and developed by Standox in Germany, this comprehensive body shop management tool covers refinishing at every practical and theoretical level from the paint shop floor upwards. It has been specially adapted to meet the needs of refinishers operating in South Africa.

On the ball NEWS

Be the first to know about product, colour and IT developments.








  • Classic Lifetime Warranty 
    All automotive refinishing products manufactured by Standox are designed to match the appearance and performance of a vehicle's original paint work. This is why only those refinishers and paint shops committed to the highest quality workmanship are eligible for Classic Lifetime Status.

    Together with its Lifetime Warranty partners, Standox offers this warranty, which covers all solid and basecoat clear formulations on all re-painted areas of a customer's vehicle. In accordance with German technological standards, spot-on colour matching and an excellent and durable finish is guaranteed.
  • Electronic Lifetime Warranty
    The benefits of the Electronic Lifetime Warranty are:
    • significant less paperwork
    • reduced administration
    • improved operating efficiencies
    • productivity
    • communication with customers and staff


Access approval news.




Research & Development TOOLS

Exclusive news and demonstrations on the latest technology, training and marketing initiatives.




Building the brand together ...

Our body shop customers are equally as important to us as our brand and we value your loyalty in building the Standox brand and communicating its prestige and quality to your refinishing customers.

Colour for Life is a brand loyalty program which has been designed to reward Standox body shops.
Not only will you be rewarded for being loyal to the Standox brand, your Color for Lifemembership will give you access to tools which will assist you in mastering the Art of Refinishing.

How to become a member …

If you are not yet a member and want access to these exclusive benefits, register today to become a Color for Life member!